Who Is Peggy Mature?

  • July 3rd, 2020
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First of all, Thank You for your interest!
I’m a 61 year old single female from Southern California. No Kids, never been pregnant. Sagittarius. That just means I get bored quickly and have many hobbies.

I love younger men and hope to find someone someday that will be my partner. In the meantime, the search continues, for both “the One” and volunteers to video and cam with me! Desired age range: 20-50.

So that’s the definition of “mature”. I’m a “mature” aspiring porn queen.
As of this writing, I’m somewhat overweight. So my boobs are D, pushing DD, and a big round tummy to go with it. Some men love the tummy, some don’t. That’s fine. It’s a niche market. I’m ample but not quite a BBW. I’m tall, though. Some say I am intimidating, though I am a happy, frienndly, jolly woman.

Now for “Peggy”. I love the name! It’s a stage name, so to speak. I get very turned on when a guy wants me to “peg” him. Especially a hot looking young dude. I don’t peg guys very often, but I somehow love wearing a strap on for a HETERO guy. Or a bi guy.

I’m NOT into women. But I like making friends! I can appreciate a great looking woman and her features, but that doesn’t make me attracted to her. I had a really bad lesbian experience ONCE. Never again. I’m not the least bit interested in eating pussy. I really admire you men who love it!!!

I am not sexually attracted to women, big black cocks, older guys, hairy men, fat guys, married or attached guys, smelly unkempt guys, rude or mean guys. I prefer cut over uncut. I prefer fit and lean, but it’s cool if the male is up to 40 lb overweight. I had a bad sexual experience with an obese dude once. Not into it, sorry. There are girls who are, but I’m not one.

will post more about pegging and anal sex for both men and women on the Plog page. This article is more of a bio for me.

I have been on and off AFF since 2005. I met a guy on AFF, really liked him. We were on and off till 2008. Then lost touch. Then ran into him in 2016! How random is that!? So we stayed in touch. After his dad passed in 2018, and my mom passed in 2017, he looked me up for a visit. Well, one thing led to another…the chemistry was better than ever. Soooo, he invited me to visit him in early 2019. We got alot of hot, hot pictures and videos that I have shared on AFF, OnlyFans and ManyVids.

I plan to keep those profiles going, at least for now. This site is more a bio and informative/instructional site for the curious and those wanting to know more about me or sex in general. Enjoy perusing Peggy’s Plog!

Lots more to come!


As of this writing, I’m dealing with Lyme Disease, chronic fatigue, joint pain. There will be days when I don’t have the energy to cam live or have someone over to make videos with. Once I get past the testing phase for the Lyme (July-Aug 2020), I will really be on the mend! The doctor promises she will be able to turn the clock back 10-15 years! I am very optimistic and excited to feel better and get my vitality back again! But it will take a few months.

Why do I not like older men? I am rather intense. My energy in the bedroom can drain the most virile and fit younger guys just by giving them oral or having intercourse. I’m truly afraid I might kill an older man! It’s a safety thing, dude! Sorry!!!