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Help Me Hack The Header!

Okay, I have spent a long time going through every setting, tool, whatever on this thing to RENAME that thing at the top that says “ADULT CUSTOM SITENAME”. It’s making me nuts. I can’t find it, even in the code. It might be an image, not a text box. But I still cannot find where I can edit the header on this particular theme.

Hey! Hi!!! July 8

Well, thank God Venus Retrograde is over! But Mercury is still retro till July 18. Don’t buy anything new, and keep a close eye on your bank accounts, keys, cards, wallet, cash, technology, and put off signing anything until after July 18. Just a tip. Remember all the recent riots? Venus and mercury retrograde combined. When did it all calm down for now? When Venus retro was over. There’s too much coincidental timing to the planetary arrangements and what happens to us individually and globally. My favorite teacher on the subject is Gahl Sasson, He is also on Facebook and Instagram, Cosmic Navigator. He teaches classes and is currently doing a weekly forecast video cast every Sunday at 10am PDT. He applies what is going on to everyone globally, not just the U.S.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah. I’m still learning how to work a WordPress app. I had some time this morning to add a bit of content, so here it is!

I tested negative for Covid on July 5. Yay! I wish I could get tested weekly. There’s too many guys cooped up, just dying to fuck a vagina.

Just go buy a whole beef liver. poke a hole in it with a knife. Set it on a countertop or table where you can fuck it. You might want to let it rest at room temp first. Cold ones might schrivel the dick too quick!

Peggy’s Plog! Welcome!

Heyyyyyy it’s my first blog woohoo! I’ll be filling it with lots of stuff.